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The CDD held its regular meeting at 3pm, September 12 at the Back Bay Grill. It is summer, so attendance is low, and there were very few things to discuss.  

“No Parking” signs were ordered for either side of the garbage receptacle on Pier Road, but only one was sent.  The other sign will be delivered and put up next week.  For some time now, some residents have been seen placing household garbage, boxes, leaf bags, etc. in the receptacle.  Waste Management refuses to empty the barrel if there are boxes and bags surrounding it.  They will not take anything that is not in the WM container.  Other residents have been removing these items and taking them to the Recycling Center or placing them in their own WM barrels. This is very nice of them but it is an extreme inconvenience to make them do this!

Please understand that it is against the law to place your household refuse in someone else’s receptacle.  Violators of this law, when seen by their neighbors, can be reported, and fined by the City of Palmetto.  HOA Boards should make this clear to their residents.  A sign quoting the City Ordinance number will be placed on the receptacle enclosure.

Palms of Terra Ceia Bay calendar of meetings will be published in the Bradenton Herald newspaper next week.  The CDD has moved its meetings from 3pm to 2pm and will be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except December’s meeting which will be on the 1stTuesday. 

Supervisors Weidner and Gard questioned the purchase of property at Ten Downing and the staking of property on golf course at Bay Estates North.  District Manager Greenwood will be looking into these two items.

It was a short meeting.  We look forward to seeing you next month on October 10 at 2PM. 

Judi O’Connor

Vice Chairman


GATEHOUSE HOURS:   Monday through Thursday 8:30AM - 1:30PM

Please allow as much as 30 minutes for processing and obtaining a new gate pass. Gate passes are $30 each and we accept cash or check for payment. If you are a new resident, please make sure you bring your purchase or rent agreement on your first visit. We will need this in order to show that you are a legitimate resident of the neighborhood and we will make a copy of it for our files.